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An International Business Course to Make You Globally Competent


Getting into the international scene is a goal that many business players are aiming for. As globalization continues to surge so does the business world. International business transactions have become very prevalent due to the competitive nature of multinational companies around the world.

If you’re planning to become a global management professional, it is important that you learn and understand the nuances of international trade. You likewise need to know how domestic companies can possibly penetrate foreign markets.

What is International Business?

This refers to a situation where the trade of goods and services crosses certain country borders. It covers practically all business activities made in the transfer of products, services, resources, ideas and technologies beyond borders.

This is in harmony with the globalization objective of domestic corporations shifting toward an integrated world economy. With this business development, there is apparently a greater opportunity for international trade.

International business includes the following layouts:

  • Operation of sales offices, manufacturing firms, and research and development in international markets.
  • Trading of goods from a particular country to another. This includes both imports and exports.
  • Contracts and other forms of agreements that allow one country or nation to use products and processes of other nations.

What are the benefits of studying international business?

  • Understand social science and governmental disciplines in relation to international trade.
  • Learn how to successfully trade on a global scale by understanding the culture and tradition of other countries.
  • Be introduced to new concepts applicable to international trading strategies.
  • Improve your overall business productivity since the business plan is tailored to a specific market.
  • Get a better understanding of the international political economy so you can manage the gap between economics and politics.
  • Have a higher chance of getting sent abroad to work for multinational companies.

Course Preview

In this course, you will learn about international trade, currency exchanges, global development, marketing, and other foreign relations topics. You will also study the impact of globalization and how international business awareness greatly affects every transaction made. This includes trade, import, and export.

There are different modules comprising this course. The modules include business economics, global business environment, international marketing and strategy, and globalization and development. This course basically focuses on international accounting, economics and managing global organizations.

Who Is This For

international business

This course is for any of the following:

  • Business-minded people who want to work beyond global boundaries and traditions.
  • Students who want to develop an international perspective when it comes to business and financing.
  • Individuals who want to expand their business skills.
  • People who want to improve their communication skills, especially when it comes to global business parlance.
  • Businessmen who want to develop their negotiation skills and at the same time, understand the needs of the clients on a global scale.

Career Earning Potential

Certainly, an international business career will open many opportunities including free travel abroad and financial independence. Here are some of the top-paying roles of a degree holder of this course:

  • Management Analyst, with average annual pay of around $82,450
  • Business/Marketing Manager, with average annual pay of around $129, 380
  • Executive roles (CEO, COO, GM), with average annual pay of around $104,700
  • Human Resources Manager, with average annual pay of around $110,120
  • Financial Analyst, with average annual pay of around $84,300
  • Economist, with average annual pay of around $102,490

Careers After This Course

As a certificate or degree holder in international business, you can represent your enterprise in international transactions either as a sales consultant or representative.  If you are not connected with a company yet, you can easily find a job if you have a background or certificate in this course.

For the reason that many local companies are looking into expanding their businesses abroad, having a certificate in this course is definitely a plus.

Also, other probable careers after such a course include a career as a foreign investment advisor or a global business consultant. Likewise, you can also be a business analyst, product manager, and export or import agent.

Demand for this Profession

A career in international business can qualify you to work for global companies and travel abroad to meet high-level clients and economic figures. This is a career that will provide you not only professional advancement but cultural exposure, as well.

Furthermore, you will become a socially adept individual, sought by many companies that know how to appreciate global working dynamics.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why do I want to study international business?

If you want to equip yourself with knowledge about global marketing, consider taking up this course. This course will provide you valuable insights when it comes to world trading and global economic situations.

  • What can I become if I take this course?

As a degree holder, you can become a management consultant, a sales manager, a finance controller, an international trader, and a business development expert.

  • What skills do I need for an international business career?

To be successful in this field, you need to have good communication skills, strong adaptability, creativity, cultural and social awareness, and outstanding collaboration skills.

  • Why is international business important?

This course will prepare you to become globally competent, considering that the economic situation is rapidly growing global. With this career, you are increasing your chances of becoming a part of that global success.

  • What fields or entities can I work in with a career in international business?

As a degree holder, you can easily get work in both the public and private sectors. Government and international agencies continue to look for globally aware individuals to help with planning and operation.

Where to Get Low Cost/Free Online Courses

You can get a free online international business course from EdX, the duration of which is 3 weeks. If you would like a certificate, it will only cost you $50.

Another option for a low-cost online course is from International Business Management, a 2-hour self-paced course with a certificate.

In summary, the essence of learning how international business works is getting more crucial as business entities around the globe start to connect better. It provides you with a new understanding of various management practices around the globe so you can successfully conquer the global business sector.


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