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Technology Never Stops Changing With Microsoft Virtual Academy

What is this free course from the Microsoft Virtual Academy?

IT, software development, as well as other computer-related work, require continuous training as technology is always changing. It is both a never-ending and engaging process. 

An example is your smartphone. It has newer, better, and more advanced software. The device also has additional firmware available almost every year. With proper training from Microsoft’s Virtual Academy, you can stay ahead while learning at your own pace.

What makes you different? Why do you think as you do?

IT experts are unique in the sense that they can better understand software design. They are experts in figuring out what’s wrong. They are aware of what needs to be updated and enhanced in the system. These people are patient, have time to think deeper and study new trends. 

IT and computer engineering are courses for students that excel in the sciences and mathematics. These students have exemplary skills in understanding concepts related to computers, science, and technology. Microsoft Virtual Academy courses can help enhance these skills and hone students’ talents. 

Take A Microsoft Virtual Academy Crash Course

Microsoft Virtual Academy is now Microsoft Learn. It is a free online platform that helps teach people to use different Microsoft products. The program focuses on interactive learning. This tool can help you can become proficient in various Microsoft technologies. 

In connection, the platform can help you grow either as an IT or computer software professional or a student just starting to understand the ropes of IT and programming. Think of it as a crash course that you can learn in your spare time.

You can be at home learning online, in school or at the office checking out different topics like PowerApps, Microsoft BI, and Dynamics.   


This Microsoft Virtual Academy course, also known as Microsoft Learn, focuses on three learning concepts for now. These are Microsoft Power BI, PowerApps, and Dynamics.

However, the course is still expanding its learning platform to many more Microsoft services and products. It will surely continue to improve over time. 


  • IT, computer technology and engineering students
  • IT professionals
  • professors
  • home-based computer and software professionals
  • users who are new to Microsoft products

CAREER EARNING POTENTIAL with learning Microsoft Virtual Academy

Microsoft Virtual Academy wants to help people who are in the IT and computer-related professions. These are considered the best and highest-paying jobs online or offline.

Aside from learning basic IT and software technology in schools and universities, continuous training with online courses such as Microsoft Learn can help improve careers in the IT field. 

Here are some of the highest-paying careers in IT and computer technology:

  • Computer Programmer- Average Level Salary: $44,450 ++ Median Salary: $79,500
  • Web Developer: Average Level Salary: $34,700 ++ Median Salary: $64,900
  • Computer Support Specialist: Average Level Salary: $28,900 ++ Median Salary: $51,400
  • Information Systems Manager: Average Median Salary: $131,600
  • Computer Hardware Engineer: Average Median Salary: $111,700
  • Information Research Scientist: Average Median Salary: $110,600
  • Software Applications Developer: Average Median Salary: $102,100
  • Computer Network Architect: Average Median Salary: $100,200


After the Microsoft Virtual Academy and Microsoft Learn course, you can pursue other areas in IT and Computer Technology. You can also try online advertising, promotion or web development.

As an IT technician, you can continue your education by pursuing a computer engineering course. After that, you can become a computer or software engineer. These are surely both fulfilling careers.

From a computer engineer, you can take up courses in the virtual academy to be an educator or a professor.


Based on a Bureau of Labor Statistics study, the demand for IT, and other technology industry careers is expected to grow by more than  15% in the next few years. On the other hand, some specific IT and computer software jobs are expected to grow drastically  up to 30%. 

Additionally, IT is one of the most active and steadily changing fields. Working in this industry will give you more chances to earn better. The course will allow you to work for top IT firm locally or internationally while continuously learning at the same time.  


  • What is the Microsoft Virtual Academy?

This program is for students, IT experts, or software engineers. It is an online course that focuses on different Microsoft products and software. Microsoft Learn is the newest update.

  • What does an IT specialist do?

The term refers to an IT professional working for a business firm. He helps create, maintain, as well as repair computers in a company. 

  • Is IT or computer engineering a good career?

Both courses can provide excellent careers, both locally and abroad. IT professionals and computer engineers can work in financial organizations or multinational software development firms. More importantly, government agencies or schools that could be related to IT are also available.   

These two courses are in demand as well as high-paying. They can give students plenty of room for professional growth.

  • What can I do with my IT or computer engineer degree?

In truth, there are a lot of career opportunities for IT and computer engineer graduates. You can either work in software or financial companies, for instance. Try applying for research firms and universities as well as other communications companies too.

To add to this, you can work for multinational IT firms. Why don’t you put up your own IT firm, for example? In the same vein, you also can work for online marketing or web design companies if you wish.

Some IT professionals even have an option to work from home. You just have to make sure that you specify this in your contract.

The Microsoft Virtual Academy and Microsoft Learn are both free and accessible. To clarify, the programs can be used by anyone that has other Microsoft products or applications. The people can use these tools to further strengthen IT knowledge. Moreover, it improves the skills of both the students and users as well. 

Learn from the Microsoft Virtual Academy

The Microsoft Virtual Academy offers free courses that can keep you up to date in the latest IT news. Please take this rare chance now or else you may regret it! It will be the best decision you can make for your career.


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